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It was 1916, when John and Marie Peach arrived in Yuma from Chicago. Both came through Ellis Island as children from Czechoslovakia. John was a tailor, the only one in Yuma, and Marie was a buttonhole maker. John’s brother-in-law had a tailor shop since 1914, but with him passing away, John and Marie came to Yuma to help. Mary Peach had told John if he came to Yuma he could make a good living.  They bought and ran several hotels on Main Street. While doing this, in 1932, Marie opened the only ladies to wear shop. It became known as The Fashion on Main Street.

In 1928, there was a shortage of lumber, so the Peach's bought the right to tear down the old Southern Pacific Railroad hotel for the lumber. The railroad would not sell the land, but did sell them the lumber that came from the hotel. They used this lumber to build Peach Auto Court, on the outskirts of Yuma.

In 1938, The Coronado was built with the beams from the old Southern Pacific Railroad Hotel. The hotel had a cottage, and  14 guest rooms. With the increase in business, the hotel expanded in 1940. Due to the shortage of rooms during the war, they received permission from the government in 1944, to expand The Coronado yet again.

After the war in 1946, there was an increase in tourism and a need for further additions, including the restaurant, which was leased out. The restaurant was built on the site where the first airplane to land in Arizona landed on October 25, 1911. There was also a new brand of hotel called the 'Best Western' starting up and The Coronado Hotel became one of the hotels to join the Best Western group. With the need to modernize in 1963, a pool was added, a new lobby, and 14 guest rooms.

On October 8, 1990, the Yuma Landing Restaurant & Lounge was no longer leased out, and became part of The Coronado. With its ideal location in the heart of historical downtown Yuma, it also became the place to house memorabilia dating back to the beginning of the hotel.

In 1994, another expansion of non-smoking rooms completed the block-to-block appearance of  The Coronado, and then just a year later, an annex of 26 rooms along with a second swimming pool were added adjacent to the hotel. In 1996, the museum opened inside the cottage, which was the original hotel hobby. To date, the Casa de Coronado Museum's collection ranges from information and photographs of old Yuma, to Best Western memorabilia, with the hotel being one of the chain's charter members. The Rodeway Inn was also added to the property, providing the hotel with an additional 40 rooms.

The hotel is currently finishing a 5-year renovation project, and was recently ranked as a silver level GreenLeader on TripAdvisor. Today the Historic Coronado Motor Hotel is proud to be an independently owned and operated hotel, under their own brand, that continues to strive to improve and modernize with the changing times, and always do its best to meet the needs of the guests. Owners John & Yvonne Peach make every effort to maintain the unique identity of this historic hotel.

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Historic brochure for the Coronado Motor Hotel

Historic hotel brochure, front.

Historic brochure for the Coronado Motor Hotel

Historic hotel brochure, back.

Sunset at the Coronado Motor Hotel, below.
Sunset at the Coronado Motor Hotel